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Bottas’ ASTONISHING Race: From Pole Position To Victory

The first Formula-1 Grand Prix continued and ended the same, i.e. unusually. A disqualified Red Bull, an almost-winner Alexander Albon, kneeling and standing people.

The previous events indicated a very interesting race. After examining Hamilton’s incident from yesterday the FIA decided to push back the British World Champion, who therefore landed on the fifth place. Following this somewhat unexpected, yet justified decision Max Verstappen landed next to Valtteri Bottas, in the first row, whereas Lando Norris landed on the best starting post of his life.

Interesting events occurred before the race as well, when we could only guess who would kneel following Hamilton’s #BlackLivesMatter kneeling gesture. The majority gave in and joined Hamilton’s gesture, however, there were counterexamples as well:The Alfa racers, Carlos Sainz, Daniil Kvyat,  and Max Verstappen or Charles Leclerc are not racers, yet they did not join this gesture, because they consider that the solution does not lie with such theatrical gestures…

Then the start followed: After 217 long days the ring was loud again because of Formula-1 racing car engine. Bottas started perfectly thereby being closely followed by Verstappen, who did not manage to overtake the Finnish racer. From the third position starting Norris was soon overtaken by Alexander Albon; the following laps had constant rhythm, no worthy changes occurred. This situation persisted until Verstappen’s Red Bull gave up and the Dutch racer had to pull over. In the meantime Lewis Hamilton climbed slowly and after leaving Albon, behind, he landed behind his teammate.

During these events fierce battles were fought in the back, where first Daniel Ricciardo, then Lance Stroll said farewell too early. Kevin Magnussen almost suffered an accident because of braking system failure, due to which the safety car had to make its first appearance. After the restart Sainzo was attacked by Sebastian Vettel, who tried to overtake on a very unsuitable section. Due to this situation he suffered a spinning and a fallback to the last place. While the Ferrari driver landed last, after the several pull overs the Racing Point obtained the contrary with Perez, who at the end of the race landed on the third place.

After these events everything went crazy: stoppings and damaged braking systems, Kimi Raikkönen lost a wheel – and the many safety car interventions…

At the last restart only 13 (!!) cars participated and then the race’s greatest drama occurred: Alexander Albon overtook the third Hamilton and during the battle the British racer drove with the British-Thai racer into the sand, who therefore lost once again the opportunity to win his ever first prize. Where did all this lead?

At the end of the race the display indicated the Bottas – Hamilton – Leclerc ranking, however the reality was in a surreal way very different: Bottas was followed by the sensationally racing Leclerc, Hamilton landed third because of his punishment, thereby being followed by the parading Lando Norris. Such a bad race.. never again!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: F1

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