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Hamilton dominated – There were no surprises at the Styrian Grand Prix

Unchallenged, Lewis Hamilton won the second Austrian race of 2020 with an enormous lead. If anyone was looking for excitement, they had to check near the rear, and at Scuderia Ferrari, of course, who down right shocked everyone rooting for them with their double flop.

The first moments of the race were without any drama, however, an incident followed soon after: Ferrari’s two pilots went up against each other, and after a scuffle at the circuit’s highest point, Sebastian Vettel left with his wings clipped, while Charles Leclerc was required to leave the race due to a faulty floor pan.

The safety car had to be called in, then, following the restart, Hamilton started laying down the fastest laps, and soon built up a considerable lead in front of Max Verstappen, who managed to keep his starting position. The Dutchman did everything he could to try and get closer, but after ten laps, it was clear that the only way Lewis Hamilton was losing this race, was if he threw it away. Verstappen had to pay much more attention to his rear, since Valtteri Bottas was breathing down his neck for the most part of the race, finally overtaking the Dutchman thanks to his intelligent tactics.

Most clashes were between McLaren ­– Renault – Racing Pont: the most significant of the three was Sergio Perez, who gave an incredible performance, in what could be described as flying the pink car from the tail end of the pack to fifth place, but in the end, he missed out on collecting the big points. Instead, profiting smartly from Perez’s pitstop, it was Lando Norris who became man of the race, bringing McLaren in fifth, following the victorious trio and Alexander Albon.

After two exciting races, the Hungarian Grand Prix is already just around the corner, where presumably, Scuderia Ferrari will be the firs to arrive…

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Sky Sports

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