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Mercedes Boss: ‘We Don’t Need Vettel!’

Ever since the four-time World Champion is to leave Ferrari, several guessing have seen daylight as to where he will continue his career? The last to provide information in this respect was Mercedes. So far…

During the week-end the Daimler CEO visited the Austrian Grand Prix and on this occasion he talked to the press as well:

‘I am well aware of the fact that for a supporter contracting Sebastian Vettel is one interesting thought. However, we already have our own racers, we have never said anything else. We ride with them, we don’t want anybody else, nor Sebastian Vettel! Even now have our racers show the level they can compete on. Valtteri Bottas conquered not only the pole position, he also won the race and the results of Lewis Hamilton are outstanding as well.

Instead of considering drivers we are focusing on the future. We expect even a further budget cuts for the purpose of keeping this sport’s financial power. As title owners we also focus on making the Formula -1 carbon neutral. We already have our plan to achieve this goal. If we manage to bring the two factors together, we will be here for  a long time.’ – stated Ola Kallenius.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Sky Sports

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