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Mercedes MEANS BUSINESS: Serious Developments in Austria

Although the pre-season tests showed that the Star-Team was in a great shape, they do not plan to pull the brakes. The Germans were active also before the pandemic. They plan to make a strong entrance in Austria. just as planned for the cancelled Australia Opening.

James Allison Technical Manager explained how they managed to start several development projects, contrary to the lockdown and the stopping of most industrial activities:

‘It is strange that a lot of time has passed since the presenting of our new car, we still haven’t seen it action. This car was in a given technical shape at the presentation, but when we landed in Australia, the situation was totally different. Three months have passed since then and during this timeframe we strived to become more competitive and faster, not only in designs, but also on the tracks. Before the lockdown we had many ideas developed beyond the design phase and consequently in Austria we will be able to come up stronger in every way.

The designs planned in the first quarter of the year are to be physically implemented on the cars and we strongly hope to succeed. Our aim is to bring innovation on the tracks, step by step, but as quickly as possible’ – stated the First Mercedes Engineer.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Mercedes AMG Petronas

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