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Mercedes: Verstappen is the biggest threat to us

 According to the German stable, the Austrian double races and the subsequent Hungarian Grand Prix will benefit both the Dutch star and the Honda motorized Red Bull Racing.

James Allison, the technical director of the six-time world champion, has made it clear that it’s not Ferrari that will give them the hardest time during the season opening:

„No doubt, Max Verstappen will be our number one challenger this year. Once in a while, Ferrari also flashed what is capable of, but in Austria, Red Bull always became much tougher.  They have extremely strong results in their home races.”

According to Allison, they are terribly unlucky in the Red Bull Ring, last year they only dropped at third and fifth places and in 2018 they closed the Austrian weekend with a double elimination: 

„As four our technology, in 2019, due to a cooling fault, we just drifted off the track, which is far short of the performance that our car is capable of. Before that we had problems with the reliability, and we lost on safety cars, but this year we’re really looking forward to showing that these were just derailments ” – said Allison, whose team won four races in Spielberg between 2014 and 2017

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Racing

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