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Red Bull: If Ecclestone was here, there wouldn’t be a disproportionate domination by Mercedes

The advisor of the Austrian stable believes that Formula One’s previous management would not have allowed things to get so out of control, and they would have held back the over dominant stables by making some rules. 

Helmut Marko vividly remembers those times when when they won four world championships with Sebastian Vettel, yet, he believes this current era is completely different. In his view at the time F1’s management was working – rightly – to ensure that Red Bull could not preserve its advantage and this way the competition would remain open. 

“I don’t understand why do they always brag about their superiority. If we had done that during the Golden Years of Red Bull, the authorities, Max Mosley And Bernie Ecclestone would have been all over us. In addition, they tried many times to restrain us, just remember the ban on aero-elements of the wings and diffusers created by Adrian Newey. It’s unthinkable these days, Mercedes doesn’t have to deal with this kind of problem. Only their engine development gives them a 0.4 second advantage per lap.” – shared his thoughts Marko.

Marko’s argument is also supported by Ralf Schumacher, but the German racer is more pessimistic: he has a devastating view on the chances of a championship.

“We haven’t seen too much from Mercedes. I’m pretty sure they’ve been saving their powers since the middle of the last season, they only give a maximum of 80% of them. It’s the same this year and there’s definitely a reason why Max Verstappen says that they’re just essentially playing with their rivals. This is very bad news for those who want to see exciting tournaments…” – painted a gloomy picture of the expected hegemony in the remaining races Scumacher

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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