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BREAKING: Vettel turned down Ferrari!

As it is known, this year Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Scuderia will expire. There have already been probing negotiations during which the team has offered a significantly less sum than what the German racer would consider acceptable. In the meantime, due to economic difficulties caused by the pandemic, this offer has been further cut, which moreover, is only for a year.

Maranello’s people still imagine Vettel in one of their red cars, the only change is that no longer at all cost. His 40 million salary would be cut to 12, and when we consider that Charles Leclerc, who defeated him within the team last year will “only” get 10 millions in the next five years, the Italian dilemma becomes clearly understandable.

In addition to the material matters, another clash point is the duration of the contract because while Vettel wants to be tied down for several years, Ferrari clearly aims to wait out. This is not surprising, as at the end of the year many serious competitors will become available.

“Over the past few years, I’ve usually signed three-year contracts.  I’m one of the most experienced drivers on the field: I’m not old, I haven’t reached the age limit yet, so I think my demand is still legitimate.”  – said the driver.

The 12 million offer was leaked by the prestigious La Gazetta dello Sport and they were among the first to report on the one-year interval, as well. According to the newspaper, Vettel who wants to sign a contract for minimum of two seasons, has strongly rejected this offer.

Of course, Vettel’s negative response doesn’t mean that he won’t be the Ferrari’s other driver, but the team has already made backup plans in case if they fail to reach a compromise with the four-time world champion. The newspaper mentions three potential runner-ups: one of them is Daniel Ricciardo, the other one is Carlos Sainz and the third one is the odd one out in the elite group who is none other than the Ferrari-trained Antonio Giovinazzi.

All three of them will have their contracts expire in 2020 and probably none of them would shy away from the opportunity of receiving a call from Ferrari’s first man at the end of the line.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderiafans

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