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Exclusive Place For The Scuderia Ferrari 1000. F1 Race

Although it is a vital part of the Italian and the worldwide motorsport and although is possess all rights needed, it still has never hosted Formula 1 before.

According to rumors, Mugello’s chances to host a live Formula 1 race after passing the tests are increasing significantly. According to an inside magazine, Liberty Media has already contacted the ring’s owner (No one else but Ferrari) with the suggestion of organizing a race; the Italians were open to organize a second race as well.

The interesting aspect is that the race in Mugello would occur after Monza, this meaning that after celebrating the 999. Grand Prix, Ferrari would celebrate its 1000. race at home as well. The sad part of this joyful event is that the race would take place behind closed doors. Organizing an Italian race without public is hard enough to imagine, not to mention two, with such milestones…

Mugello has never organized a F1 race before, although it possesses all the required logistics and certifications. It might be possible for traditional MotoGP race to be cancelled, which would lead focus towards a possible Formula 1 race.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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