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EXCLUSIVE: We interviewed the owner of Europe’s largest Ferrari clothing collection

 Krajnyák Csaba’s collection regularly shared on Motorsport Maranello’s Instagram. In the cradle of Scuderia Ferrari, they speak highly of the fanatical Hungarian, whose collection cannot be compared to any other collections. We talked to Csaba about the beginnings, his desires and goals.

Where did you get the motivation to gather all these team clothings that span entire eras?

I first got into Formula One in 1991. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why but for some reason, Ferrari was the team that enchanted me immediately. As the broadcasts became more and more captivating, this love came slowly to fruition so I turned to the racing circus.

As a young boy I’ve always wanted to have such a T-shirt that was worn by Scuderia Ferrari’s Formula One drivers. Later this longing  intensified even more in the year of the millennium, when I was walking in Prague and saw an original Ferrari racing shirt in a shop window. I couldn’t afford it back then but there I promised myself: by hook or by crook, I’d have one, too! In the spring of 2000 I got the first piece of my collection, an original Michael Schumacher shirt. Back then it wasn’t really fashionable to wear an F1 driver’s shirt full of logos but I really enjoyed this kind of “eccentricity”.

What do you know about the background of your collection, approximately how many pieces it consists of?

I tried to cover certain eras but I soon realized that this was impossible, because there are pieces out there that are simply unattainable. I cannot complain though, in 2015 I already had 45 different clothing items on my list. Since 2000 I’ve been advancing step by step, always thinking about “that” missing T-shirt, shirt, cap, winter coat, raincoat, sweater or vest…In 2016 I managed to get to Maranello, where I arrived as a huge Ferrari fan with a memorial dedicated to them that was accepted by one of the museum’s managers. They found out about my passion during a conversation there, and they really liked my collection – they encouraged me that this is something unique and that I should never stop.

This gave me such an impulse, such a boost, that from then on I continued to collect the items more seriously, more fanatically and purposefully and I’m trying to build them a little non-profit brand. Today I have more than 250 unique products from the history of Scuderia Ferrari motorsport (Formula-1 / Formula Challenge),  and for all of these I’m extremely grateful to my wife and children who accept and support my hobby.  Many thanks for all the help given by my working place, boss, co-workers, and the two Hungarian racing stables without whom the #TotemsOfCsabesz concept wouldn’t be here today!

Are there any absolute favorites in your collection, or it is impossible to highlight just a few?

There’s a raincoat bearing the Marlboro bar code from Fernando Alonso’s era that is so rare that at the moment I could neither obtain it nor pay for it! (laughs) Another big favorite is the Mission Winnow raincoat, released last year, which was sold in limited numbers from the start due to advertising law disputes. The latter one was purchased for me by the Ferrari’s Community Association at Fans Brands  – thank you very much for that!

Fans Brands is the number one Formula – 1 store in Hungary, so we have to ask these questions: Do you visit us often? Are you happy with us?

That’s right, a significant proportion of my collection comes from Fans Brands, so of course I’m up to date on your offer, I’m constantly checking out the online interface to see what else I can get. As for my experience, I’d give your services five stars: they’re perfect, trendy, flexible, geared up with a very up-to-date, modern online interface and customer service. Customer service is available on the phone all the time, the colleagues are fast and correct. I don’t think anyone can wish for more than that!

You’ve mentioned incredible numbers. Are you planning an opportunity where the entire collection will be publicly available to anyone?

Yes, they have already been several initiatives of this kind that I would like to carry on to a larger scale in the future. Working with a suitable partner, without the goal of making a profit, I am open to any kind of noble cause anytime and anywhere. I have some plans in my head, and thank God, there are many great friends and partners standing by me and with their help all of this can soon become a reality.

According to Maranello, this is the largest collection of Hungary and Europe, and I’d like to present it in an exhibition series, like road shows, where I could offer a unique experience and bring joy to people.

Written by: Tóth Krisztián Márk


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