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Ferrari in trouble: experts say they need to let go of 2020

Recently, there have been some worrying news from the Scuderia Ferrari House. Not only did the two competitors of the team “took care of each other” during the Styrian Grand Prix this weekend, but based on the unanimous opinion of Martin Brundle and David Coulthard it would be best for them to give up the whole championship in order to have enough time to build a good car by 2021.

The most obvious feedback about a particular design is always provided by the pilot, Brundle says, that’s why it is worrying that neither Sebastian Vettel nor Charles Leclerc saw that the car is not really out of control. On the contrary it is very well controlled, so it is just very slow.

„That’s the biggest problem. As a race car driver, if you feel that everything is fine with the car, than it means its technique is slow. If the car’s hard to drive, it means that you are crossing the border and you’re pushing its boundaries. There is no such thing in the case of Leclerc and Vettel. It’s going to be hard for Scuderia to get up from here, because the races almost overlap each other and making up for that backlog would be hard even under normal circumstances. Let’s not even mention 2021.” – said the expert of the Sky F1 show.

Some sports reporters believe that the red team’s motorized lag is the most brutal, having nearly 40 horsepower. David Coulthard has the same opinion:

„I have no doubt that Ferrari has eliminated itself from the Championship, as it is confirmed by the overall picture of the Styrian weekend. We have a short season ahead of us and the lag is too big to overcome it in time. Just as they are slow in dry conditions, they are probably slow in rainy conditions as well, so I think there’s only one thing they can do: let go of the season and rebuild their car.” – described a not-so-encouraging possibility for the Ferrari team the former Scottish F1 driver.

Ferrari fans: now is the time to really encourage the team!

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Sky Sports

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