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Ferrari Is Back. Leclerc Speeding in Maranello – VIDEO

It was a very special day for Charles Leclerc, because after many years he finally managed to sit one again behind the wheels of a Formula 1 car. And the place just couldn’t have been more special, by being the streets of Maranello, headquarters of the legendary Scuderia Ferrari !

Leclerc started where the founder Enzo Ferrari left the gates of the plant, by riding year ago the firs racing car named after him. The race from Monaco sped in front of the plant, and passed by the Ferrari Museum as well, as if he wanted to make clear to the World  ‘We are here, we are back!’ The young racer benefitted of double honor: He was the first Ferrari racer to drive a contemporary racing car on the legendary streets Apparently, Leclerc really enjoyed it:

‘I am not really into getting up early but this day was completely different. I was the one to give Maranello the wake up call, for which I would like to apologize. Speeding on these streets and driving the SF1000 again were an awesome experience. This was a moment full of excitement for me, sitting back to the wheels was like a homecoming. I can’t wait the season to start! – was the conclusion of the morning events by Charles Leclerc, who then quickly turned towards Fiorano, where he is to test the new Ferrari 2018.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari

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