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Ferrari leader: “We need to build up ourselves now, but 2022 will be definitely our year!”

John Elkann, the leader of the Scuderia gave a sobering interview to the traditional La Gazetta dello Sport. In short he promised nothing but struggle, blood and tears.

At the same time Elkann also drew the attention of the fans to the fact that they do not want to give up on the success, but if they fail to get to success, there will still be results in the background.

“Right now we’re going through a lot of trouble with our engines and out entire construction. We are greatly hindered by the standby developments but we need to see things realistically. Our weaknesses stem from deeper place, they’ve been there for nearly a decade and this has only intensified with the latest rule change. 

This is a difficult time for Ferrari now, as everyone is aware that as one of the most glamorous teams in Formula One, we have not won a single World Championship or a constructor championship in many years. The past years have brought the Golden Age for other teams: due to its aerodynamics solutions, Red Bull has long retained its advantage, which was taken over by Mercedes with the success of its hybrid engines. 

Meanwhile we are far behind in these areas and we are not competitive enough in either engine power or aero-packages. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this this year, and we’ll probably see it again. 

That’s why it is important and necessary to say that the next few years will not be loud because of us. Their most important thing now is to be competitive again and to establish the basis for this. This will allow us to return to victories in the new set of rules that will arrive in 2022. I’m sure we will succeed but we’d like to ask our fans to be patient: it’s a long way but we can do it together.” – said with confidence Elkann.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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