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Renewal and restructuring: new performance department at Ferrari

After the terrible start of the season, Scuderia is under a tremendous pressure. Not only the fans and press but also those inside the house are very dissatisfied…

The start of the season did not go unnoticed by the top management either: it was announced that the technical department of the stable will be restructured. A new performance development team has been established which is led by Enrico Cardil who has been active on the aero-field before. The other branches are left untouched for now so the sports director, the head of the body and the engine department will not change. As well as the team leader remains the same as well.

 According to Mattia Binotto these measures had to be taken in order to reinforce the developments and make them more productive:

“These reconstructions were necessary, we wanted to see who’s responsible for what, who’s responsible for which workflow. We want the company to trust our technical department again. All departments have to work together in order to get us out from this hole and this will be the key to develop a powerful car in the future.” – said Binotto.

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Getty Images

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