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Sebastian Vettel vs. Ferrari. Ready to Explode

German sources report that many signs indicate that the relationship between the parties becomes worse by the day. The fact that Scuderia provided Charles Leclerc with the possibility of racing on the streets of Maranello clearly indicates that something is wrong.

In the meantime the team captain does not mention Vettel anymore, he obviously ignores this ‘subject’.

Leclerdc recently voluntarily suggested that his salary be diminished because of the recent situation, however Vettel refused to accept such a deal – although his  salary is three times bigger than his young teammate’s. Relating to this aspect, in an interview Mattia Binotto highlighted that he is very proud of Leclerc’s generosity and while he underlined also the young racer’s achievements, Vettel did not even bother to mention them.

Further shadows are cast by the fact that the German racer was allegedly invited to the Austrian Servus TV, a TV station sponsored by Red Bull. The TV station had intended to interview Vettel about the breakup with Ferrari, after the opening race  – however Binotto forbade him to appear in front of the cameras.

The big question is to what will such precedents lead, but something tells us that 2020 will not be the year of Vettel showing obedience and empathy. The future is full with various scenarios, recently we dedicated a larger article to the possible solutions of the four-times world champion..

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Scuderia Fans

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