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Sebastian Vettel: Flying High or Low This Year

During the previous season many started pushing Vettel down the drain. His younger teammate proved to be better in many ways and recently the following news came to light: He is not included in Ferrari’s plans for 2021.

It might sound pretty simple, however, many forgot something very important.

Many ignore the calmness of the chanceless. The German racer has never been the obedient type, there is no overreacting in the statement that he ignored the team’s instructions whenever he wanted. Since 2020 no moral obligations weigh on his shoulders, one thing is sure: He will cause many unpleasant moments to his competitors – among them, to Charles Leclerc as well.

Currently the choice is in Monaco: Following the contract extension and since Vettel ‘was chased away’ he is Scuderia’s number one racer. Leclerc can be sure of one thing: His German rival will use this psychology weapon to the maximum against him and will do his best to prevail. If everything goes according to plan, the situation caused by Leclerc will lead Vettel back to the top.

The F1 faces a very chaotic season in which anything is possible: although we somewhat doubt it, there is still a chance that with a lest effort Sebastian conquers the World Champion title. Moreover, it is possible that the Ferrari misses all chances, but by defeating Leclerc, Sebastian will put himself in the spotlight and land directly behind the wheels of Mercedes. However, his young rival might also slowly push him out and send him into rent.

What do you think, how will the four times world champion’s fate turn?

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Colombo Images

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