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Toto Wolff: „We don´t have a team order”

While it’s hard enough to “interpret” Wolff’s crumbs of thought based on what he’s experienced and seen in recent years, let’s give him a chance though to think seriously about what he’s saying this time around.

Of course, it would be a mistake to blame Lewis Hamilton alone for his position, or even the team leader. Especially because Valtteri Bottas can do the most to change the scenario of recent years. We’ve seen that it’s not impossible since Nico Rosberg clenched his teeth, but he did…

On the other hand, Bottas has perhaps “delivered” the dubious team instructions most of the time without a word, but Toto Wolff points out emphatically: the duo will not call anyone first or second in their fourth joint season. Both are full-fledged, so with the right product, Bottas could have a chance at the world title:

“Valtteri and Lewis always start with the same chances and support at the start of the season. It is our duty to give them both a chance at the World Cup title. He started very hard last year (Bottas), topped the table after four races, but later ran out of momentum and stood behind Lewis. Even so, we didn’t call him second, we don’t have such a hand. They are both winning figures, otherwise they could not be in Formula 1. ” Said the gore of the Bavarian team.

In conclusion, we would be curious to see if, once by chance, fate would bring us the opposite of how Lewis Hamilton would behave. Would you stand behind Bottas?

The question was purely poetic…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Picture: FormulaRapida

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