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Vettel: Red Bull, Racing Point Or Neither?

The return of Fernando Alonso has signficantly reduced the chances of the German driver to get behind teh wheel before 2021. Mercedes has recently underlined that they do not consider the possibility of working with the four-time World Champion.

­Vettel’s situation is getting more and more difficult by the day, because his chances to continue without any break are pure theoretical. The signed contracts and the already established driver teams are getting in his way, however Formula-1 offered us surprises in the past as well… Should he have good chances to sign a contract, those would lie with Red Bull or with Racing Point­.

On Monday he appeared at the Red Bull-sponsored Servus TV and the interview indicated that the Red Bull Racing would be open to contract Vettel, however the timing is pretty bad:

‘Integrating Seb now would be pretty difficult. His becoming free was like a cold shower for us, because we thought it would impossible for Ferrari to ignore him. Had all these happened earlier…’ – stated Christian Horner, who has nice memories related to the German racer still under contract with Scuderia.

The same kind of friendship exists also between Vettel and Otmar Szafnaue, who talked pretty suggestive when the press mentioned that the German racer might continue with the team he leads:

‘It is an honor to be mentioned with a four-time World Champion. Currently we are focusing only on the races, we wish to have a strong season, so currently we let the future just be. We have been friends with Seb since we ww were children; there is still time to focus on this topic.’ – said the Racing Point CEO, thereby avoiding a direct answer, but suggesting some possibilities.

The only problem is that the pink team’s drivers are under long-term contract, whereby one of them is the owner’s son…

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: XPB Images

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