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Weekend Hits: DAS, Pink Mercedes, Red Bull Protest?

Apparently, the recent events only postponed the conflicts risen at the tests from the beginning of the year. The voices calling for protest in March have risen again.

Red Bull Racing mentioned before Melbourne that they would attack the Mercedes DAS developments. Their intentions remained the same, however they don’t plan to act yet, they will probably let Hamilton % Co. to race freely tomorrow, because they are curious about the results of the developments implemented. According to the engineers such changes may not lead to any advantages or to advantages of a few decimals – of course all depends also on how much Mercedes plans to show…

‘This a race with the strongest competitive spirit, living in the specialists and in the racers. I am sure that the theories uttered in Melbourne will rise again and not only at Red Bull. Subject will be Racing Point’s clone-car and Scuderia Ferrari’s engine as well…” – mentioned Christian Horner, forecasting the topics of the following days.

Beside Helmut Marko others also plan to officially file a complaint with the (FIA) Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile: Other racing teams are also upset with the pink Mercedes, the regularity of which is subject of intense debates conducted with Racing Point. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a total surprise  if the teams not using Ferrari resources would go against the well-known Scuderia engine problem.

One thing is sure, we will have a very interesting weekend…  

Author: Tóth Krisztián Márk

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

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